Radiation Sickness

When characters are exposed to radiation, they may be afflicted with radiation sickness. Radiation sickness functions exactly like exposure to any other disease, following the normal rules for diseases. The Fortitude save DC and the effects of radiation sickness vary with the dose of radiation to which a creature is exposed.

Radiation exposure has five degrees: mild, low, moderate, high, and severe. To determine the degree of exposure, start with the type of exposure: either an irradiated area or a specific source of radiation. Then consult Table: Radiation Exposure to determine the degree of exposure based on the total time of exposure within a given 24-hour period (rounding up).

The degree of the exposure determines the severity of the radiation sickness, as indicated on Table: Radiation Sickness. At low levels, radiation sickness is a slow disease. Often, a sick character suffers no severe short-term effects. This is reflected in the fact that even with a failed Fortitude save, the character might not suffer any Constitution loss.

Table: Radiation Exposure
 -Time of Exposure-
Situation1 rnd1 min10 min1 hr1 day
Character in irradiated area:
Lightly irradiated mild mild mild mild mild
Moderately irradiated mild mild low low low
Highly irradiated low low moderate moderate moderate
Severely irradiated moderate moderate high high severe
Character exposed to radiation source:
Mildly radioactive materials mild mild low low low
Highly radioactive materials moderate moderate high high severe
Severely radioactive materials moderate high severe severe severe
Table: Radiation Sickness
Degree of ExposureFort Save DCDamage
Mild 121d4–2 Con*
Low151d6–2 Con*
Moderate 181d6–1 Con
High 211d6 Con
Severe 242d6 Con
*Minimum damage 0 Con.
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