A ring is a circular metal band worn on the finger that contains a spell-like effect (often an effect that persists as long as the ring is worn).

Sample rings include the following:

Cat’s Eye Ring

This ring grants the wearer continuous low-light vision. In addition, once per day, the wearer may transform into a cat (as the baleful polymorph incantation, but with no skill checks or additional components required). The wearer can turn back into her own form at any time. Either way, the transformation takes a move action to complete.

The wearer retains her Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores in cat form, during which the ring takes the form of a handsome collar.

Type: Ring (magic); Caster Level: 12th*; Purchase DC: 37; Weight: —.

Decoder Ring

This cheap-looking tin ring has a small dial adorned with letters of the alphabet. It grants its wearer a +10 equipment bonus on Decipher Script checks. Note that understanding does not necessarily imply spell use.

Type: Ring (magic); Caster Level: 5th; Purchase DC: 30; Weight: —.

Ring of Algos

This iron signet ring has a sigil of Algos (see Incantations) carved into its setting. Any time the wearer shakes hands with another living creature, he may activate the ring’s power (as an attack action). The two parties shaking hands make opposed Will saves, although the ring’s wearer gets to add his Charisma bonus to his save. Whoever has the lower result receives a –4 penalty to all attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws for the next 12 hours.

Type: Ring (magic); Caster Level: 11th*; Purchase DC: 36; Weight: —.

Ring of Cold Cocking

This brass ring is shaped like a fist. The wearer can make an unarmed attack against a flat-footed opponent as if he had the Knockout Punch feat, even if he doesn’t have the prerequisites.

Type: Ring (magic); Caster Level: 5th; Purchase DC: 30; Weight: —.

Ring of Lockpicking

On command, this ring releases several lockpicks, tongs, and tiny mechanical arms designed to fit into any Fine or Diminutive lock. The ring grants a +5 equipment bonus on Disable Device checks when picking or disabling mechanical or electronic locks.

Type: Ring (magic); Caster Level: 3rd; Purchase DC: 28; Weight: —.

Ring of Lyssa

A ring is made of delicate silver threads forged in a pattern of thorny brambles with a single blood-red ruby set in the center. Anyone who puts on this cursed ring is suffers the effects of a sigil of Lyssa incantation for as long as the ring is worn (Will save, DC 28, negates). When the ring is removed, the victim must make a second Will save (DC 28) or suffer the effects for an additional 16 minutes.

Type: Ring (magic); Caster Level: 12th*; Purchase DC: 37; Weight: —.

Ring of Surveillance Detection

This ring pulses dimly when electronic devices are monitoring the wearer. The ring can detect a working video camera, microphone, motion detector, or other sensor within 50 feet. By taking a full-round action, the wearer can locate the direction and distance to the device. It grants a +5 circumstance bonus on Search checks when trying to find concealed monitoring devices.

Type: Ring (magic); Caster Level: 5th; Purchase DC: 30; Weight: —.

Ring of Via Negativa

This ring is set with a black pearl and allows its wearer to cast via negativa three times per day. Activating the ring is an attack action. Type: Ring (magic); Caster Level: 7th; Purchase DC: 32; Weight: —.

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