Tattoos are single-use “items” containing a spell-like effect that effects only the bearer.

Sample tattoos include the following:

Broken Arrow Tattoo

The bearer of the tattoo, which usually looks like a broken arrow, gains damage reduction 10/+2 against ranged weapons that fire arrows, bolts, or bullets (as per the protection from arrows/bullets spell). The effect lasts for 50 minutes.

Type: Tattoo (magic); Caster Level: 5th (arcane); Purchase DC: 20; Weight: —.

Bullseye Tattoo

The bearer of this bullseye tattoo gains a +20 insight bonus on her next single attack, as per the true strike spell. The attack ignores any miss chance that applies to attacks against a concealed target.

Type: Tattoo (magic); Caster Level: 1st (arcane); Purchase DC: 17; Weight: —.

Caduceus Tattoo

This tattoo is usually shaped like a medical caduceus (a pair of serpents entwined around a staff). Activating the tattoo triggers a caduceus incantation that affects a single target: the bearer or another creature touched by the bearer. The effects are instantaneous, and once the tattoo is successfully created, no skill checks are required to activate the spell and there is no chance of the incantation failing.

The magic of the caduceus tattoo immediately ends any and all of the following adverse conditions affecting the target: temporary ability damage (but not permanent ability drain), blindness (including dazzled effects), confusion or insanity, daze, deafness, fatigue, exhaustion, feeblemindedness, nausea, and poison. It also cures up to 150 points of damage. A single tattoo is enough to simultaneously achieve all these effects. The tattoo’s magic also removes negative levels, but it does not restore permanently drained levels.

Type: Tattoo (magic); Caster Level: 11th*; Purchase DC: 26; Weight: —.

*See the Incantation-Based FX Items sidebar.

Tattoo of Spell Resistance

This tattoo comes in various patterns, although tribal bands around the forearm or bicep are the most common. The bearer of this tattoo gains SR 21 for 9 minutes once the tattoo is activated.

Type: Tattoo (magic); Caster Level: 9th (divine); Purchase DC: 24; Weight: —.

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