Creature of Shadow

Creatures brought to our world by Shadow are reclaimed by the tides of Shadow after they die. As a general rule, a creature of Shadow vanishes 1d4 rounds after it dies (drops to –10 hit points), leaving behind no trace of itself other than its clothing and equipment. Shadowkind heroes have stronger ties to our world than other creatures of Shadow; they fade away 1d4 hours after they die. Before they disappear, slain Shadowkind characters can be raised from the dead as easily as mundane characters can. Slain creatures of Shadow that are transformed into undead creatures remain on our world in their undead state and are not reclaimed by Shadow until they are destroyed.

A slain Shadowkind character who is reclaimed by Shadow can’t be raised from the dead or brought back by any means and is considered lost.

A Shadowkind character is treated as a “creature of Shadow” with regard to special abilities, spells, and psionic powers that affect creatures of Shadow.

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