The fastest path into this advanced class is from the Charismatic hero basic class, though other paths are conceivable.


To qualify to become an Ambassador, a character must fulfill the following criteria.

Skills: Diplomacy 6 ranks, Knowledge (civics) 6 ranks, Knowledge (theology and philosophy) 6 ranks.

Charismatic Hero Talents: Charm, favor.

Allegiance: An Ambassador must pledge her primary allegiance to a faction, nation, world, or empire and remain a dutiful servant of this body; if the Ambassador breaks this allegiance, she loses all the benefits of the Diplomatic Immunity and Open Arms class features (see Class Features, below).

Class Information

The following information pertains to the Ambassador advanced class.

Hit Die

The Ambassador gains 1d6 hit points per level. The character’s Constitution modifier applies.

Action Points

The Ambassador gains a number of action points equal to 6 + one-half her character level, rounded down, every time she attains a new level in this class.

Class Skills

The Ambassador’s class skills are as follows.

Bluff (Cha), Computer Use (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (behavioral sciences, civics, current events, history, theology and philosophy) (Int), Profession (Wis), Read/Write Language (none), Research (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), and Speak Language (none).

Skill Points at Each Level: 5 + Int modifier (4 + Int modifier for nonhumans).

Table: The Ambassador
Class LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecialDefense BonusReputation Bonus
1st+0+0+0+2Diplomatic immunity+1+1
2nd+1+0+0+3Open arms+1+1
3rd+2+1+1+3Bonus feat+2+1
4th+3+1+1+4Information access+2+2
6th+4+2+2+5Bonus feat+3+2
7th+5+2+2+5Restricted access+4+3
9th+6+3+3+6Bonus feat+5+3
10th+7+3+3+7Select consuls+5+4

Class Features

The following class features pertain to the Ambassador advanced class.

Diplomatic Immunity

Starting at 1st level, if the Ambassador is arrested for a crime, she can make a Diplomacy check to invoke her diplomatic credentials and not suffer the usual legal penalty or punishment. The severity of the crime determines the DC of the Diplomacy check, and how authorities react if the Ambassador succeeds. See Table: Diplomatic Immunity for Diplomacy check DCs based on the severity of the crime.

If one of the Ambassador’s consuls (see the select consul class feature, below) is arrested for a crime and unable to secure her own release, the Ambassador may intercede on the consul’s behalf. One may aid the other’s Diplomacy check.An Ambassador who routinely invokes the privilege of diplomatic immunity—either on her own behalf or to protect her selected consuls—is likely to be recalled or terminated by those she has sworn to represent.

Table: Diplomatic Immunity
Severity of CrimeExamplesDCEffect of Successful Diplomacy Check
Class 5Disturbing the peace, public intoxication, noninjurious traffic violation15–2 penalty on subsequent Diplomacy checks in that area
Class 4Possession of controlled substance, injurious traffic violation, operating business without a license, operating a vehicle or starship without a license, assault without a deadly weapon20–5 penalty on subsequent Diplomacy a checks in that area
Class 3Attempted bribery of a public official, robbery or grand theft, aiding and abetting a known felon, assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a concealed weapon25–10 penalty on subsequent Diplomacy checks in the area
Class 2Murder or manslaughter, fraud, smuggling, assault against a public official, trafficking in controlled substances30Deportation within 2d6 hours
Class 1Conspiracy against the government, murder of a public official, sabotage of public utilities35Detention pending the diplomatic action by character’s affiliated government
Open Arms

Beginning at 2nd level, the Ambassador is skilled at initiating peaceful negotiations. She may add a competence bonus equal to one-half her Ambassador class level on all Diplomacy checks.

Bonus Feats

At 3rd, 6th, and 9th level, the Ambassador gets a bonus feat. The bonus feat must be selected from the following list, and the Ambassador must meet all the prerequisites of the feat to select it. Attentive, Defensive Martial Arts, Dodge, Educated, Improved Initiative, Low Profile, Oathbound, Renown, Trustworthy.

Information Access

Starting at 4th level, the Ambassador can make Gather Information checks without spending money or making Wealth checks, provided she is dealing with individuals or organizations that are helpful, friendly, indifferent, or unfriendly toward her or those she represents. Dealing with individuals or organizations that are hostile requires the Ambassador to make Wealth checks as usual when using the Gather Information skill.


Skilled diplomats are well paid for their loyalty and dedication, and they are accustomed to traveling in style. At 5th level, and again at 8th level, the Ambassador gains a one-time Wealth bonus increase of +4.

Restricted Access

At 7th level, the Ambassador gains clearance to access restricted files or classified information from any source that recognizes her faction, organization, nation, world, or stellar empire. She gains a +5 bonus on Computer Use checks made to defeat computer security and a +5 bonus on Research checks.

Select Consuls

At 10th level, the Ambassador may appoint a number of individuals equal to her Reputation bonus as “consuls” or “attachés.” These appointed individuals gain all the benefits of the diplomatic immunity, information access, and restricted access class features (described above). The Ambassador may revoke these privileges at any time and appoint replacement consuls as she sees fit. It takes 1d4 hours for an Ambassador to invoke or revoke a consul’s or attaché’s privileges.

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