Cybernetic enhancements are available starting at Progress Level 6. Unlike standard replacements, they bestow new abilities upon their recipients. Unless otherwise noted, enhancements donít add measurably to a recipientís weight.

Each enhancement description includes the following information:

Benefit: What the cybernetic enhancement allows its recipient to do.

Type: Enhancements can be external or internal. External enhancements are subject to sunder attacks; internal enhancements are not.

Hardness/Hit Points: The hardness and hit points of the enhancement. Internal enhancements donít have hardness.

Base Purchase DC: The purchase DC of the enhancement (or the components to build it), at its specified Progress Level. Cybernetic attachments are cheaper to buy at higher Progress Levels; for each raised step in Progress Level, reduce the purchase DC by 2.

Restriction: The level of license required to purchase the enhancement legally, and an appropriate black market purchase DC modifier.

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