Energy Age Armor

The following armors are available at PL 8.

Table: Progress Level 8 Armor
ArmorTypeEquipment BonusNonprof. BonusMax Dex BonusArmor PenaltySpeed (30 ft./20 ft.)WeightPurchase DCRestriction
Heavy Armor
Unisoldier Combat ArmorTactical+10+3+1–620 ft./15 ft.30 lb.19Lic (+1)
Powered Armor
Boost ArmorTactical+7+2+4–320 ft./15 ft.20 lb.18Lic (+1)

Boost Armor

Boost armor is powered armor that augments the character’s physical abilities. A character wearing boost armor is stronger, faster, and more nimble than ever before. Special mechanisms augment physical strength, granting a +4 bonus to the character’s Strength score. Sensors can detect incoming attacks and augment reaction times, granting a +2 bonus on all Reflex saves.

Additionally, boost armor can improve traction and augment the ability to move quickly, increasing the character’s movement speed by 10 feet. Boost armor is lightweight and form-fitting, and provides less protection than heavier combat armors.

Unisoldier Heavy Combat Armor

The ultimate step in the creation of the one-soldier army, unisoldier heavy combat armor is an all-in-one package that makes the wearer a formidable opponent in combat. The wearer is covered from head to toe. The helmet includes a built-in heads-up display and a visor that changes tint to dampen the effects of sudden bright lights, making flash-bang grenades useless against the wearer. Additionally, the armor usually has built-in slots for the addition of onboard computer systems, though not all armors make use of the option.

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