Energy Age Equipment

The following equipment is available at PL 8.

Table: Progress Level 8 Equipment
NameSizeWeightPurchase DCRestriction
Chemical and Medical Equipment
Chemical, plastifleshTiny0.5 lb.6
Chemical, truthtellDiminutive8Lic (+1)
Regen wandSmall1 lb.18
Computer Equipment
Neural computer linkFine25
Neural network jack, wirelessFine12
Miscellaneous Equipment
Energy shieldTiny0.5 lb.16
Force field, personal (DR 5/–)Tiny0.5 lb.18Mil (+3)
Force field, personal (DR 10/–)Tiny0.5 lb.22Mil (+3)
Hologram playerSmall2 lb.6
Hologram recorderDiminutive9
HologuiseSmall1 lb.15
Matter shieldTiny0.5 lb.20Mil (+3)
Micro-aural communicatorFine6
Neural recorderSmall1 lb.15Lic (+1)
Photon shieldSmall2 lb.24Mil (+3)
PolyvoxTiny0.5 lb.10
Sensor Equipment
Sensor, robocompSmall1 lb.18

Chemical, Plastiflesh

Contained in a small spray can, plastiflesh bonds with human skin on contact and accelerates the healing process by providing a layer of artificial skin to seal the wound. The target of the spray immediately recovers 1d4 hit points. No Treat Injury check is required to use plastiflesh.

Chemical, Truthtell

Truthtell is a specially formulated chemical that targets areas of the brain that handle creativity and, particularly, lying. By temporarily neutralizing these areas of the brain, truthtell makes it impossible for a character to lie while under the drug’s influence.

A character injected with truthtell may make a Will save (DC 18) to negate its effects. On a failed save, the character is compelled to speak truthfully for the next 3d10 minutes. A subject under the effect of truthtell is aware of its influence and may still refuse to answer questions.

Energy Shield

The energy shield is a potent defense mechanism that protects the user from dangerous energy.

An energy shield grants its wearer one of the following types of energy resistance, as determined by the wearer upon activation: cold resistance 5, electricity resistance 5, fire resistance 5, or sonic/ concussion resistance 5. As a move action, the wearer can adjust the shield to provide a different type of energy resistance, selected from the list above.

Force Field, Personal

The most reliable and powerful personal defense mechanism in the Energy Age, the personal force field projects a defensive bubble around a single Medium-size or smaller character or item. The personal force field comes in two varieties, one that provides a DR of 5/— and another that provides DR 10/—. The device contains a power pack that provides up to 2 hours of use. A power backpack may be used to extend this duration to 8 hours.

Hologram Player

A hologram player is a small disc with several small light projectors arranged around its outer edge. When activated, the device projects a three-dimensional image in full color as small as three inches in height or as large as a Medium-size character. The hologram player can be hooked into a hologram recorder (capable of storing three-dimensional images), or even to a unicom to receive three-dimensional images for real-time communications.

Hologram Recorder

A hologram recorder is a cylinder no larger than a pen with a bulbous, transparent cap on one end. The device can make a three-dimensional recording of anything within its cone-shaped recording area. Hologram recorders can store up to one hour of three-dimensional images to be played back on a hologram player or transferred to a computer as video data. Most hologram recorders can also be attached to a unicom to serve as a video input device for real-time holographic communications. The hologram recorder is commonly carried by law enforcement agents, as it allows for the accurate collection of evidence and can prevent abuse on the part of the authorities.


The hologuise is a combination hologram projector and digital imaging computer system that is worn like a headband over the forehead. When activated, the hologuise projects a three-dimensional image over the face that completely obscures the character’s natural features. This image is commonly a different face, but can be a black veil or some other decorative image instead. With practical and fashionable uses, hologuises are employed by the wealthy elite as well as by criminals and spies. An active hologuise grants the wearer a +10 equipment bonus on all Disguise checks.

Matter Shield

Designed to protect off-world miners from micrometeorites and the debris of mining explosions, matter shields were quickly adapted for military and law enforcement use.

The matter shield grants its wearer DR 5/— against ballistic, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing attacks.

Micro-Aural Communicator (Microcom)

The micro-aural communicator consists of three components. A tiny earpiece transmits incoming communications directly into the ear, at a volume far too low to allow others to hear. A small node placed on the inside of the lip allows the user to broadcast while speaking no louder than a whisper. Finally, a wristband functions as the input/output port for hooking other devices into the microcom.

Using a microcom does not provoke a normal Listen check and cannot be heard by any normal means.

Neural Computer Link

The most advanced form of computer interface in the Energy Age, the neural computer link creates a direct connection between the brain and a computer system. The neural computer link eliminates the need for a physical interface. Instead, the user simply “thinks” commands to the computer. Output from the computer is sent straight to the user’s brain, tapping into the visualization centers to project images and displays directly into the user’s mind, eliminating the need for any sort of display device. In all other ways, the neural computer link allows the user to access the computer as if used conventionally. The neural computer link connects to a computer system via a network jack built into the base of the skull.

One advantage this gives a character is that information may be downloaded directly into the brain. The character’s own mind becomes a hard drive for basic information, granting the character direct knowledge of a particular subject almost instantaneously.

Though this does not allow the character to gain skill ranks, it does reduce the time required for Computer Use and Research checks to free actions. This applies only when the user is connected to a specific computer used for the Computer Use or Research check.

The neural computer link can be connected, via the body’s central nervous system, directly into the user’s shepherd chip (see Progress Level 5 Equipment). Whenever data is transferred via the shepherd chip, such as a person’s identity, that knowledge is immediately loaded into the character’s brain. Essentially, this means that any two characters with shepherd chips and neural computer links may instantly know one another simply by shaking hands. Neural computer links can also be connected to nanites in a character’s bloodstream. As in the case of piloting and driving assisting nanites, these nanites interface directly with the neural link and allow the character to give commands simply by thinking them.

Neural Network Jack, Wireless

A natural extension of neural computing technology, the wireless neural network jack plugs into the neural computer link and allows for remote access to computer networks. Additionally, the wireless neural network jack with the satellite datalink gadget can connect to any global or galaxy-spanning computer network instantaneously. If the neural computer link is the basic means of connecting the human mind to a computer, the wireless neural network jack is the means of connecting the human mind to massive computer networks. A wireless neural network jack is useless unless the user also has a neural computer link.

Neural Recorder

A flexible cap that resembles a grasping clawed hand, the neural recorder can collect data directly from the human mind. Any visual or auditory memories or thoughts can be transmitted through the neural recorder and stored in its memory. Capable of storing up to two hours of data, the neural recorder requires a Computer Use check (DC 15) to activate and operate. If the subject of the neural recording is willing, the neural recorder collects images and sounds from the subject’s mind and stores them as either two-dimensional or three-dimensional recordings. An unwilling subject may make a Will save (DC 17) to prevent the recorder from functioning.

Photon Shield

The photon shield is a technology loosely based on the light-bending properties of black holes. By using controlled gravity waves to create millions of microscopic black holes around the user, the photon shield bends light renders him invisible.

A photon shield can cover a Medium-size or smaller creature or a Huge or smaller object. It grants a +40 equipment bonus on Hide checks if the subject is standing still, or a +20 equipment bonus if the subject is moving. Pinpointing the location of a character wearing a photon shield that isn’t attempting to hide requires a Spot check (DC 40 if the character is not moving, DC 20 if he or she is moving). Additionally, a character wearing a photon shield gains total concealment (50% miss chance) against attacks, even if the attackers correctly pinpoint its fighting space.


The polyvox translates the languages of different cultures and species.

Regen Wand

A regen wand is a tubular device roughly fifteen inches long. It emits waves of energy that promote cellular growth and healing. A character can use a regen wand as a first aid kit or medical kit. Because of the device’s simplicity, Treat Injury checks made with the regen wand gain a +4 equipment bonus.

Sensor, Robocomp

The robocomp sensor is a hand-held computer or computerized gauntlet designed to assist in the evaluation and repairs of robots and robotic life forms. The robocomp can identify a robot’s current and maximum hit points. Additionally, thanks to the robocomp’s extensive library of robotic blueprints, any repairs made using the robocomp as a reference are more efficient, granting a +4 equipment bonus on all Repair checks made to robots.

Screen printing