Fusion Age Armor Gadgets

The following gadgets are found in the Fusion Age and can apply to armors of that era or later, provided all gadget-specific restrictions are observed.

Prehensile Appendage

Useful for scientists, explorers, and others that have need for an extra hand, the prehensile appendage gadget is both utilitarian and expensive. Essentially, this gadget consists of a long flexible cylinder capped at the end with a grasping claw that attaches to the armor’s side or back. The prehensile appendage gadget essentially gives the wearer of the armor an additional hand with which to hold and manipulate objects. The gadget cannot be used to make normal melee attacks or fire ranged weapons, but it can make grapple attempts (with a Strength bonus of +2 and using the wearer’s base attack bonus). The appendage is controlled through a pair of gloves worn by the user; by issuing commands via a specific set of hand signs, the wearer can order the gadget to pick up, drop, or manipulate an object once per round as a free action.

Restrictions: None. Purchase DC Modifier: +6.


The self-repairing gadget implements nanotechnology in its infancy to repair minor damage to armor. Whenever the armor is damaged, the self-repairing gadget immediately issues commands to a set of nanites that move to the problem spot and begin making repairs. The gadget repairs 1 point of damage per minute to the armor.

Restrictions: None. Purchase DC Modifier: +6.

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