Gravity Age Armor

The following armors are available at PL 7 and later.

Table: Progress Level 7 Armor
ArmorTypeEquipment BonusNonprof. BonusMax Dex BonusArmor PenaltySpeed (30 ft./20 ft.)WeightPurchase DCRestriction
Medium Armor
Medium combat armorTactical+4+2+4–220 ft./15 ft.8 lb.14Lic (+1)
Silent suitConcealable+1+1+8–030 ft./20 ft.1 lb.18
Powered Armor
Space combat suitTactical+9+3+1–715 ft./10 ft.40 lb.17Lic (+1)

Medium Combat Armor

Designed for heavy warfare and dangerous situations, medium combat armor covers the user almost head to toe in armor plating. Medium combat armor comes with a helmet that fits snugly on the head and does not interfere with the soldier’s field of vision.

Silent Suit

The silent suit uses cutting-edge sonic dampening technology to increase the stealth of the user. Silent suits look like form-fitting bodysuits with padding on the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Sonic dampening field generators are built into the suit, reducing to a minimum the noise made by movement. A character wearing a silent suit gains a +10 equipment bonus on all Move Silently checks.

Space Combat Armor

Space combat armor is the first true powered armor to reach common use. Space combat armor consists of heavy body armor with an environmental seal and built-in communications gear. Additionally, space combat armor boasts a jetpack specifically designed to function in space, allowing the user to maneuver in zero-g conditions. Space combat armor can be difficult and unwieldy, but makes even individual soldiers a threat in ship-to-ship combat.

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