Gravity Age Equipment Gadgets

The following gadgets are found in the Gravity Age and can apply to equipment of that era or later, provided all gadget-specific restrictions are observed.

Hud Software, Ammunition Tracker

A piece of software for the heads-up display device, the Ammunition Tracker is able to keep track of exactly how many shots have been expended from a particular weapon. Additionally, when a character starts to get low on ammunition, a warning flashes on the HUD indicating that a reload must occur soon.

Restrictions: Heads-up display only, requires a weapon with an integrated computer. Purchase DC Modifier: +1.

Sound Suppressor

Similar to the technology that produced the silent suit, the sound suppressor gadget silences almost any noise. It generates a field of sonic energy that cancels sound produced within field, reducing all noise to a mere whine of sonic energy discharge. The sound suppressor adds +10 to the DC of Listen checks made to hear the weapon firing.

Restrictions: None. Purchase DC Modifier: +3.

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