Gravity Age Weapons

The following weapons are available at PL 7 and later.

Table: Progress Level 7 Ranged Weapons
Weapon1DamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrementRate of FireMagazineSizeWeightPurchase DCRestriction
Concussion rifle2d10 + special20Concussion20 feetSLarge6 lb.22Lic (+1)
Gravity snareSpecial30 feetSLarge7 lb.17Lic (+1)
Plasma pistol2d1020Fire40 feetS50 boxMedium3 lb.17Lic (+2)
Plasma rifle3d1020Fire80 feetS, A50 boxLarge8 lb.19Res (+2)
Rail gun3d1220Ballistic100 feetS20 boxLarge18 lb.24Mil (+3)
1 All weapons listed in this table require the Personal Firearms Proficiency feat.
Concussion rod
Table: Progress Level 7 Melee Weapons
Weapon1DamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrementSizeWeightPurchase DCRestriction
2d820Bludgeoning/ConcussionMedium3 lb.17
1 All weapons listed in this table require the Simple Weapons Proficiency feat.
Table: Progress Level 7 Ammunition Types
Ammunition (Quantity)Damage TypePurchase DCRestriction
Deflecting (20) Ballistic12Lic (+1)
Plasma-coated (20) Ballistic/Fire13Res (+2)
Rail gun shards (20) Ballistic10
Seeker (20) Ballistic15Res (+2)
Table: Progress Level 7 Explosives And Splash Weapons
WeaponDamageCriticalDamage TypeBurst RadiusReflex DCRange IncrementSizeWeightPurchase DCRestriction
Grenade, dissolver 2d6Acid5 ft.1510 ft.Small2 lb.14Res (+2)
Grenade, gravitic 6d6Bludgeoning10 ft.1510 ft.Tiny1 lb.20Mil (+3)
Grenade, stun Special110 ft.1810 ft.Tiny1 lb.17Mil (+3)
1 See the weapon description for details.

Ammunition, Deflecting

Deflecting ammunition creates a gravity deflection field that causes the bullets to bounce off walls. When used properly, deflecting ammunition can be bounced around any barrier, around corners, underneath vehicles, and so forth for maximum penetration potential.

Any character using deflecting ammunition immediately gains the benefit of the Skip Shot feat.

Ammunition, Plasma-Coated

Consisting of an armor-piercing round enveloped in superheated plasma, this type of ammunition reduces the Defense bonus provided by armor by 2, to a minimum of +1. Half of the damage it deals is fire damage, and half of the damage is ballistic damage.

Ammunition, Seeker

Each round of seeker ammunition contains a microscopic computer and gravity-bending generators. When seeking ammunition leaves the chamber, it immediately detects the distance to its current target. If that target moves, the gravity generators nudge the bullet into a new trajectory to intercept its target at its new location. Seeking ammunition grants a +1 bonus on all ranged attacks.

Concussion Rifle

A concussion rifle fires an artificial gravity pulse at the target with enough force to hurl it through the air (along a path away from the shooter). The discharged gravity pulse is mostly transparent, but bends light around itself, creating a ripple effect along its path. The pulse deals 2d10 points of concussion damage with a successful hit. In addition, the target is thrown back 5 feet for every 5 points of damage dealt by the weapon. The target must also succeed in a Fortitude save (DC = damage dealt) or be knocked prone. If the thrown target strikes a wall or other solid surface, it takes damage as though it had fallen from a height equal to the number of feet it was thrown back.

Concussion Rod

Modeled after the medieval mace, this weapon has a miniature artificial gravity generator embedded in its alloy head, which increases in mass at the instant of impact. The rod deals 2d8 points of damage with each successful hit; half of the damage is bludgeoning damage; half is concussive damage.

Gravity Snare

The gravity snare resembles a laser rifle but with two metal prongs where the muzzle should be. When fired, the prongs generate a strip of luminescent white energy that leaps from the end of the rifle toward the target. When the strip of energy strikes a target, the energy bolt bends and creates a ring of gravity around the target.

A creature hit by the gravity ring must succeed in a Reflex save (DC 13) to avoid its effects. On a failed save, the target is entangled and unable to move for 1d6 rounds, until the gravity ring dissipates. An entangled creature can escape the gravity ring with a successful Escape Artist check (DC 40) or break free with a successful Strength check (DC 30).

Grenade, Dissolver

This grenade releases a cloud of gas that dissolves organic matter, dealing 2d6 points of acid damage per round to all living creatures and organic materials in a 5-foot-radius burst. Suspended in an artificial gravity well, the cloud persists until the gravity well collapses after 1 minute. The gravity well prevents even strong winds from dispersing the acid cloud.

Grenade, Gravitic

When this grenade detonates, it releases incredible gravitational forces. All creatures within a 10-foot-radius burst are crushed for 6d6 points of bludgeoning damage. A successful Reflex save (DC 15) halves the damage.

Grenade, Stun

A stun grenade deals no damage, but any creature within its 15-foot burst radius that fails a Reflex save (DC 18) must immediately make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. A creature that succeeds on the Reflex save is not required to make a Fortitude save and is unaffected by the grenade. A stun grenade has no effect on robots and other creatures immune to stunning effects.

Plasma Weapons

Plasma occurs when gases become electrically charged after losing electrons. Plasma weapons condense this electrically charged gas into a destructive force that can eat through solid objects and cause severe damage. Like laser weapons, plasma weapons come in many varieties. Most plasma weapons generate their destructive ammunition by superheating gasses held inside specialized power packs and then compressing those gasses into a focused plasma round. Plasma weapons do not use ammunition, but are instead powered by power packs.

Rail Gun

The Gravity Age rail gun uses gravity pulses, not magnets, to propel a projectile at high velocities. Metal shards are accelerated along the rail gun’s length, leaving the barrel at an extremely high velocity.

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