Information Age Weapons

The following weapons are available at PL 5 and later.

Table: Progress Level 5 Ranged Weapons
Weapon1DamageCriticalDamage TypeRange IncrementRate of FireMagazineSizeWeightPurchase DCRestriction
Falcon .452d620Ballistic40 feetS, A20 boxMedium2.5 lb.18 Lic (+1)
OICW assault rifle2d820Ballistic70 feetS30 boxLarge18 lb.26 Mil (+3)
TacMil sniper rifle2d1020Ballistic120 feetS15 boxLarge14 lb.21 Res (+2)
Twin thunder machine gun2d1020Ballistic100 feetALinkedHuge42 lb.22 Mil (+3)
1 All weapons listed in this table require the Personal Firearms Proficiency feat.
Table: Progress Level 5 Explosives And Splash Weapons
Grenade, shrapnel5d6Slashing20 ft.1510 ft.Tiny1 lb.18Mil (+3)
Grenade, sonic pulse3d6 nonlethal plus special1Sonic15 ft.1210 ft.Tiny1 lb.15Res (+2)
1 See the weapon description for details.

Falcon .45

The law enforcement response to the ever-growing firepower found in the hands of criminals and gang members, the Falcon pistol not only possesses increased stopping power but also integrates the ability to fire in full automatic mode. Additionally, the Falcon is lightweight and easy to carry.

Grenade, Shrapnel

Similar in concept to the standard fragmentation grenade, the shrapnel grenade propels dangerous shards of metal outward at high velocity when it explodes. Unlike the fragmentation grenade, the shrapnel grenade incorporates aerodynamic metal shards and directional tubes to ensure that each shard is propelled at lethal velocity along a set path. The result is a calculated field of flying shrapnel that is far more effective than the simple pop-and-spray chaos of a fragmentation grenade.

Grenade, Sonic Pulse

A sonic pulse grenade deals 3d6 points of nonlethal sonic damage to any living creature in the burst radius. (Robots and other nonliving creatures are not affected.) In addition, creatures that take damage from the sonic pulse grenade must also succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 12) or be shaken for 1d4 rounds.

OICW Assault Rifle

One of the most technologically advanced weapons to ever reach production during the Information Age, the OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) assault rifle is a combination weapon.

The weapon houses a 5.56mm compact assault rifle as well as a 20mm grenade launcher (the weapon uses the alternate weapon gadget to add a mini- grenade launcher). The grenade launcher features multiple detonation modes, including detonate-on-impact mode (in which the grenade explodes on impact) and air burst mode (in which the grenade explodes in the air after traveling a certain distance).

The rifle includes a combat-capable scope with built-in targeting computers that are designed to link into the Land Warrior combat system. This system, known as TA/FCS (Target Acquisition/Fire Control System), functions as a built-in night vision scope as well as a rangefinding scope (the scope, rangefinding laser gadget). Additionally, the weapon has an integrated computer link that can hook directly into the Land Warrior armor and transmit images and data to the armor’s onboard computer system. On its own, separate from the Land Warrior system, the OICW assault rifle is one of the most dangerous and effective weapons on the market.

This weapon has a two-round burst setting. When the Burst Fire feat is used with this weapon, the penalty on the attack roll is lessened to –2 instead of –4. Also, the weapon fires only two bullets instead of five and can be used with only two bullets in the weapon. However, the weapon only deals +1 die of damage instead of +2 dice of damage. (In effect, using the Burst Fire feat with this weapon results in the effect of the Double Tap feat.) This setting does not grant the ability to make burst fire attacks without the Burst Fire feat; if you use the setting without the feat, you make a normal attack, and the extra two bullets not have the automatic rate of fire, this weapon cannot be used to make autofire attacks.

Tactical Military (TACMIL) Sniper Rifle

With the success of the OICW assault rifle, a sniper rifle equivalent was developed. The rifle itself fires a standard 7.62mm round and sports a rangefinding scope (the scope, rangefinding laser gadget) that can connect to a Land Warrior combat armor computer. Additionally, the TacMil sniper rifle features a flash suppressor as well as an effective sound suppressor, ensuring maximum stealth.

Twin Thunder Machine Gun

The Twin Thunder is a reduced-recoil .50 caliber machine gun capable of dispensing roughly 260 rounds per minute. The machine gun is designed for use in combat by two soldiers, a single gunner and an aide to feed the ammunition belt into the weapon. What makes the Twin Thunder unique from other modern machine guns is that its reduced recoil allows for greater accuracy over longer distances with less variance in the aim of the user.

Grenades, Missiles, and Mines

Most explosives are given in the form of grenades. These grenades provide the base form for these weapons, but equivalent missiles or mines can also exist. To create a missile from a grenade covered here, simply take the base statistics of the grenade and use them as the statistics for ammunition for a missile launcher. Be sure to adjust the range increment, since missiles travel much farther than thrown grenades.

Mines are treated in almost the opposite way; their range increment is eliminated. A mine must be placed to be effective.

Despite differences in their form, missiles, mines, and grenades all have the same primary effect regardless of the method of delivery for their payloads.

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