Knowledge (Technology) (Int)

You can make a Knowledge (technology) check to correctly identify starships, mecha, robots, and cybernetic attachments, as well as identify unfamiliar technological devices.

Check: The DCs for identifying technological items vary depending on the type of information required:

Identifying a starship by its type and subtype, identifying a mecha by its superstructure, or identifying a robot by its frame: DC 10.

Determining the function or purpose of a particular mechanical system or cybernetic attachment: DC 15.

Recalling the standard, factory-model design specs of a particular type or class of starship, mecha, or robot: DC 20.

When confronted with an unfamiliar piece of technology or alien artifact, you can make a Knowledge (technology) check to correctly surmise the primary (if not singular) purpose of the device. A successful check result does not enable you to activate the item, nor does it make you proficient with the item. The DC of the Knowledge (technology) check depends on the item being identified and the difference in Progress Level, as shown below:

Unfamiliar ItemDC
Basic tool or instrument10
Robotic or vehicular component15
Cybernetic attachment20
Alien weapon or nanotechnology25
Alien artifact30
Each step in Progress Level (up or down)+5
Screen printing