Cybernetic Surgery

You can graft cybernetic attachments onto living tissue as well as safely remove them.

Prerequisites: Treat Injury 8 ranks, Surgery.

Benefit: You can make a Treat Injury check (DC 20) to install or remove a cybernetic attachment. If you do not have a surgery kit or access to a medical facility, you take a –4 penalty on the check. Cybernetic surgery takes 1d4 hours.

The consequences of failure are severe: If your check result fails by 5 or more, the installation or removal of the cybernetic attachment causes undue physical trauma to the patient, who suffers 1d4 points of Constitution damage. If the check result fails by 10 or more, the Constitution damage is treated as Constitution drain instead.

A character who undergoes cybernetic surgery (successful or not) is fatigued for 24 hours. Reduce this time by 2 hours for every point above the DC the surgeon achieves. The period of fatigue can never be reduced below 6 hours in this fashion.

Normal: Characters without this feat take a –8 penalty on Treat Injury checks made to perform cybernetic surgery (–4 penalty if they have the Surgery feat).

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