Mecha-Related Feats

Mecha operators can select feats that relate specifically to operating mecha. These feats are all considered bonus feats for the Mecha Jockey advanced class. Whenever the Mecha Jockey is allowed to select a bonus feat, she can choose one of these.

Essential Mecha Feats

A character without the Mecha Operation feat and Mecha Weapon Proficiency feat suffers serious penalties while operating a mecha of any size. The penalties for not having these feats are summarized below:

Mecha Operation: A character without this feat takes a –4 penalty on Balance, Climb, Drive, Escape Artist, Hide, Move Silently, Pilot, and Tumble checks when operating a mecha. Furthermore, the character cannot run or charge.

Mecha Weapon Proficiency: A character without this feat takes a –4 penalty on attack rolls made while operating a mecha. Furthermore, the character cannot apply the various firearm feats (such as Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Dead Aim, Double Tap, Shot on the Run, and Strafe) to a mecha’s ranged weapons.

Mecha and Feats

If you have the Mecha Weapon Proficiency feat, any feats that apply to firearms (such as Double Tap and Strafe) also apply to relevant ranged mecha weapons. Melee-oriented feats from the Brawl and Combat Martial Arts trees don’t apply if you’re operating a mecha, although a character with the Mecha Operation feat threatens all areas within reach of the mecha, and making a slam or other melee attack with a mecha doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity.

Feats from the Defense Martial Arts tree f unction normally for characters in mecha.

Advanced Mecha Operation

Hair Trigger

Mecha Crush

Mecha Fling

Mecha Operation

Mecha Sweep

Mecha Trample

Mecha Weapon Boost

Mecha Weapon Proficiency

Stun Mecha

Thruster Blast

Screen printing