Mecha Sweep

You can use your mecha to wield improvised weapons and attack several spaces at once.

Prerequisite: Mecha Operation, Power Attack, two free hand slots.

Benefit: You can use your mecha’s great size and strength, along with your own knowledge of balance and leverage, to pick up a heavy object (such as a large tree or boulder) and attack an area as an attack action. The area affected is a half-circle with a radius equal to your mecha’s reach. This attack deals damage to all creatures two or more size categories smaller than your mecha within the area. The base damage dealt depends on your mecha’s size, as given below. Add 1.5 times your mecha’s Strength bonus to this base damage to determine the total damage for the attack.

Mecha SizeDamage

Though it can deal significant damage, this form of attack is awkward and unbalancing. You take a –2 penalty to your mecha’s Defense and on Reflex saves until your next turn.

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