Cockpit, Copilot (PL 5)

This extra cockpit provides a comfortable station inside the mecha for a Small or Medium-size copilot. A copilot has the ability to fire the mecha’s ranged weapons, perform active scans using the mecha’s sensor systems, or aid the pilot’s attacks and skill checks (using the aid another action). Melee combat, defense, and movement remain under the control of the mecha’s operator in the main cockpit. A copilot doesn’t grant the mecha additional attacks in a round, and only one character may fire each ranged weapon each round. The mecha operator or copilot can transfer weapon control as a free action.

As a move action, the mecha’s operator can lock out one or more copilot cockpits, shutting off the cameras, locking the hatches, and so on.

It takes a successful Computer Use check (DC 25 if the operator is disabled, 35 if the operator is still active) to switch overall control of the mecha to a copilot cockpit.

Equipment Slots: 3, must be torso or back.
Activation: None.
Range: Personal.
Target: You.
Duration: Persistent.
Saving Throw: None.
Purchase DC: 20.
Restriction: None.

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