HV-5 Haven Escape Pod (PL 6)

The HV-5 Haven escape pod jettisons the cockpit and the mecha operator from the rest of the mecha (typically because the mecha is about to be destroyed). The operator can activate it as a move action and move normally at the Haven’s fly speed. The Haven can also be activated as a free action, in which case it flies under the operator’s direction up to its fly speed, but can move no farther that round.

The Haven escape pod has a fly speed of 90 feet (clumsy), 50 hit points, hardness 10, and a Defense of 18. Three rounds after it jettisons from the mecha, it runs out of fuel, landing or crashing as appropriate.

Equipment Slots: 1, must be torso.
Activation: Free action or move action (see text).
Range: Personal.
Target: You.
Duration: 3 rounds.
Saving Throw: None.
Purchase DC: 15 + one-quarter the mecha’s base purchase DC.
Restriction: None.

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