Structural Enhancement (PL 7)

Significant advances in engineering inspire a series of modifications to the mecha’s superstructure, granting it an additional 50 hit points. A mecha can undergo structural enhancement multiple times, gaining 50 additional hit points each time, but it can never have more than twice its starting hit points (as noted in Table: Mecha Sizes).

A character may structurally enhance a mecha with a successful Craft (structural) check (DC 30) after devoting an amount of time that varies depending on the mecha’s size: Large 30 hours, Huge 60 hours, Gargantuan 120 hours, Colossal 240 hours. A character attempting the procedure without a mechanical tool kit takes a –4 penalty on the skill check.

Each time a mecha is structurally enhanced, it loses one equipment slot.

Equipment Slots: 1 (equivalent).
Activation: None.
Range: Personal.
Target: You.
Duration: Persistent.
Saving Throw: None.
Purchase DC: 15 + one-half the mecha’s base purchase DC.
Restriction: None.

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