Mutation Points

Mutation Points (MP) provide a simple method of selecting mutations while preserving game balance. All creatures (including heroes) begin play with 0 MP. A creature gains MP by selecting one or more drawbacks—physical deformities and disabilities that make the creature less effective in play. A creature can then “spend” the MP on one or more beneficial mutations. The total MP spent on beneficial mutations cannot exceed the total MP the creature gains from drawbacks. A creature may still have unspent MP after choosing beneficial mutations, however. These unspent MP can be spent on new mutations at a later time.

Table: Mutations
d%Mutation TypeMP Cost
01–02Extra Digits Cosmetic 0
03–04Fins Cosmetic 0
05–06Forked Tongue Cosmetic 0
07–08Horns Cosmetic 0
09–10Scaly Skin Cosmetic 0
11–12Thin Fur Coat Cosmetic 0
13–14Unnatural Eyes Cosmetic 0
15–16Unnatural Hair Cosmetic 0
17–18Unnatural Skin Cosmetic 0
19–20Unnatural Voice Cosmetic 0
21–22Acidic Saliva Minor 1
23–24Adrenaline Jolt Minor 3
25–26Claws Minor 1
27–28Darkvision Minor 3
29–30Energy Diffusion Minor 2
31–32Fangs Minor 1
33–34Force Barrier Minor 3
35–36Gills Minor 2
37–38Great Horns Minor 1
39–40Hypersensitivity Minor 3
41–42Leaper Minor 1
43–44Scaly Armor Minor 3
45–46Scent Minor 2
47–48Second Wind Minor 2
49–50Smokescreen Minor 1
51–52Tail Minor 1
53–54Thick Fur Coat Minor 1
55–56Ultra Immune System Minor 2
57–58Wall Crawler Minor 2
59–60Webbed Digits Minor 1
61–62Echolocator Major 5
63–64Elasticity Major 5
65–66Energy Absorption Major 4
67–68Enlarged Form Major 6
69–70Exoskeleton Major 5
71–72Extra Arms Major 6
73–74Gazing Eye Major 4
75–76Pheromone Attraction Major 6
77–78Prehensile Tail Major 4
79–80Prickly Pear Major 4
81–82Radioactive Major 5
83–84Skeletal Reinforcement Major 5
85–86Stinger Major 4
87–88Telekinetic Mind Major 5
89–90Telepathy Major 5
91–92Tentacle Major 6
93–94Venomous Bite Major 4
95–96Vexing Voice Major 4
97–98Wings Major 6
99–100X-Ray Vision Major 6
Table: Drawbacks
d%DrawbackMP Value
01–05Ability Decay1 4
06–10Blood Hunger 1
11–15Brittle Bones 4
16–20Combat Fear 4
21–25Cybernetic Dependency 6
26–30Festering Sores 2
31–35Frailty 3
36–40Heat/Cold Susceptibility 1
41–45Lethargy 2
46–50Light Sensitivity 1
51–55Lost Arm 3
56–60Mindslave 2
61–65Neutrad Dependency 5
66–70Pheromone Repulsion 1
71–75Poisonous Blood 6
76–80Rapid Aging 2
81–85Reduced Speed1 3
86–90Thin Skin 5
91–95Ultraviolet Allergy 3
96–100Weak Immune System 1
1 You may take this drawback multiple times. Its effects stack.

Hiding Physical Deformities

Many mutations come with physical deformities. Some mutations are easy to hide, while others are harder to conceal.

Any mutation that alters a creature’s physical appearance imposes a penalty on the creature’s Disguise checks. For creatures trying to conceal multiple physical deformities or alterations, the penalties stack. A cosmetic mutation imposes a –1 penalty on Disguise checks, while a minor or major mutation imposes a –2 penalty on Disguise checks. Drawbacks do not apply penalties to Disguise checks.

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