Although composed of durable alloys or resilient plastic polymers, robots are easily damaged. For this reason, combat models are usually equipped with some form of armor, depending on the robotís frame.

A robot can be equipped with a suit of removable armor (identical in form and function to armor worn by organic characters), or it can have armor integrated into its frame. A robot may be limited to one type or another depending on its shape, size, and frame. Liquidstate robots cannot have armor of any sort.

Removable Armor: Anthropomorphic biodroids and bioreplicas typically wear removable suits of armor, which provides an equipment bonus to Defense. A robot equipped with removable armor must have the appropriate Armor Proficiency feat to gain the armorís full equipment bonus, and the armorís maximum Dexterity bonus applies. Armor penalties on Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, and Tumble checks apply as normal.

Integrated Armor: This type of armor is welded or otherwise fixed securely to the robotís frame. Integrated armor provides an equipment bonus to Defense. Robots equipped with integrated armor suffer no armor penalties if the armor is installed properly. Improperly installed armor causes the robot to take a Ė10 penalty on Balance, Climb, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, and Tumble checks.

Installing integrated armor on a robot requires a Craft (mechanical) check (DC 20). The check is made after investing an amount of time determined by the robotís size: Colossal 24 hours, Gargantuan 12 hours, Huge 6 hours, Large 3 hours, Medium-size 2 hours, Small 1 hour, Tiny or smaller 30 minutes. Integrated armor can be removed in half the time with a successful Repair check (DC 20).

Integrated Armor

Different types of integrated armor are presented below. Only one type of armor can be installed on a given robot.

Equipment Bonus: The equipment bonus that the integrated armor provides to the robotís Defense.

Weight: How much weight integrated armor adds to the robotís weight.

Speed Penalty: The amount by which the armor reduces the robotís speed, given in feet. If a robotís speed drops to zero because of the penalty, it cannot move (the armor is too heavy for its frame).

Purchase DC: The cost of the integrated armor (or its components).

Restriction: Some types of armor have a restriction rating and an appropriate black market purchase DC modifier. Remember to apply this modifier to the purchase DC when making a Wealth check to acquire the armor on the black market.

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