Bioreplica (“Synthetic”)

Bioreplicas exist in societies of Progress Level 7 or higher. These anthropomorphic robots, modeled after their creators in most instances, are so convincingly lifelike that they are virtually indistinguishable from their biological counterparts. A bioreplica’s components are made up of lightweight plastics in a synthetic sheath that looks and feels like real flesh and skin. Bioreplicas are so lifelike that their fabrication and distribution are strictly regulated. Most bioreplicas are built for military needs, and they are frequently put to use as disposable soldiers, scouts, and spies. A few synthetics find roles in law enforcement and military-funded scientific expeditions.

A bioreplica’s artificial intelligence is so sophisticated and finely calibrated that it can simulate subtle facial expressions or complex emotions. It learns and adapts quickly, so much so that organic beings find it easy to mistake the artificial intelligence for biological intuition.

Although freethinking synthetics are hunted down in societies that feel threatened by robots with autonomy, other “enlightened” cultures prefer to treat bioreplicas with the same rights afforded to sentient biological species. Regardless of how everyone else perceives them, bioreplicas are generally more interested in finding answers to the big questions plaguing their synthetic existence, such as what it means to be sentient and what happens to a bioreplica after it “dies.”

Bioreplica Traits

Bioreplicas are constructs. They also share the following traits:

Size: Same as emulated species, although only Small and Medium-size bioreplicas may be selected as player characters.

Speed: A bioreplica has the same means of locomotion and speed as its emulated species (base speed 30 feet for human bioreplicas).

Ability Scores: A heroic bioreplica has no Constitution score and a starting Charisma score of 10. Its remaining ability scores are determined normally, including the ability score modifiers of its emulated species (none for human bioreplicas).

Bioreplicas can improve their mental abilities (Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma) as they increase in level (just as organic heroes do), but not their physical abilities (Strength and Dexterity).

Starting Occupation: Bioreplicas never get starting occupations. Starting occupations represent life experiences gained before becoming a hero, but robots have no such life experiences.

Hit Points: Regardless of class, a bioreplica gains 1d10 hit points per level. At character creation, a 1st-level bioreplica gets maximum hit points (10). It does not apply a Constitution modifier to its hit points but gains additional hit points at 1st level based on its size: Small 5, Medium-size 10. (For other sizes, see the Construct type description)

Armor: A bioreplica modeled after a creature with natural armor does not gain the creature’s natural armor bonus.

Critical Systems: Although they are constructs, bioreplicas have vital areas and critical systems. Consequently, they are subject to critical hits.

Cybernetic Incompatibility: A bioreplica cannot be fitted with cybernetic attachments.

Immunities: Bioreplicas are immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, necromancy effects, and any effect that requires a Fortitude save unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless. They are not subject to nonlethal damage, ability damage, ability drain (except as noted under Destruction/Restoration, below), energy drain, or the effects of massive damage. They cannot be raised from the dead (but again, see below).

Lifelike Appearance: Distinguishing a bioreplica from members of its emulated species requires a successful Spot check (DC 20). It can use the Disguise skill to increase the Spot check DC.

Manipulators: The manipulators of a bioreplica resemble the organic manipulating digits of its emulated species (a humanlike bioreplica has humanlike hands, for example). These manipulators otherwise function identically to their organic counterparts.

Rejuvenation Cycle: A bioreplica runs on energy cells that need to rejuvenate regularly. During a 24-hour period, it must shut down for 8 hours to replenish its energy supply. During its rejuvenation cycle, the bioreplica is essentially asleep. If it fails to rejuvenate, it suffers a cumulative –1 penalty on attack rolls, ability checks, skill checks, and saving throws each day until it fully recharges itself.

Repairable: Bioreplicas cannot heal damage on their own but can be repaired using the Repair skill. A successful Repair check (DC 30) heals 1d10 points of damage to a bioreplica, and each check represents 1 hour of work.

Robot Resurrection: A bioreplica reduced to 0 hit points is immediately destroyed and cannot be repaired, although its “brain” may be removed and installed in an similar but intact frame. See Robot Resurrection, below, for details.

Sensors: A bioreplica hero begins play with a Class VII sensor system. For more information on robot sensor systems, see Sensors.

Skills: A bioreplica gains and assigns skill points as other nonhuman characters do. It uses its Charisma modifier on Constitution-based skill checks (including Concentration checks).

Free Language Skills: A bioreplica can read, write, and speak one language.

Feats: A bioreplica receives no feats at 1st level. However, it gains feats normally as it advances in level.

Action Points: A bioreplica hero gains action points just as organic heroes do.

Height and Weight: A bioreplica has the same height range as its biological counterpart. Its weight, however, is equal to 1.5 × the normal weight of its biological counterpart.

Level Adjustment: +0.

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