Feat Software

Nonheroic robots, like constructs, do not gain feats. However, at Progress Level 6 or higher, they can be programmed with software that enables them to emulate feats.

Feat software (often called “featware”) is usually embedded in the robot’s central processor or “brain” and can be salvaged after the robot is destroyed (see Robot Resurrection sidebar. This is not true of feat webs, however (see below).

To write feat software from scratch, a character must possess whatever feats the software is designed to emulate. The character obtains the necessary software components by making a Wealth check against the software’s purchase DC. He must then succeed at a Computer Use check (DC 30) after investing 12 hours in the software’s creation.

Feat Prerequisites: Regardless of the quality of its feat software, a robot cannot emulate a feat if it does not meet the feat’s prerequisites.

Screen printing