Robot Accessories

Even an assembly-line robot needs certain tools to accomplish its tasks. The following section describes miscellaneous accessories designed specifically for robots.

To build a robot accessory from scratch, a character must first acquire the necessary components by making a Wealth check against the accessory’s purchase DC. Then the character must succeed at a Craft (mechanical) check (DC 25) after investing 24 hours in its assembly. A character without a mechanical tool kit takes a –4 penalty on the skill check.

A character can install a home-built or factory-built robot accessory with a successful Craft (mechanical) check (DC 15). A character without a mechanical tool kit takes a –4 penalty on the check. A character with access to a workshop or other facility can install a robot accessory in 1 hour; without a facility, the installation takes 6 hours.

Size: A robot accessory, as an object, is usually two size categories smaller than the robot for which it’s designed; for example, a tool mount designed for a Huge robot can be considered a Medium-size object. An accessory’s size is usually important only for portability and concealment purposes.

Weight: Robot accessories vary in weight depending on the size of the robot for which they’re designed. However, they do not add a significant amount of weight to the robot’s frame.

Purchase DC: The cost of the accessory.

Restriction: Some robot accessories have a restriction rating and an appropriate black market purchase DC modifier. Remember to apply this modifier to the purchase DC when making a Wealth check to acquire the armor on the black market.

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