Self-Destruct System (PL 6)

Designed for robots in military and espionage roles, self-destruct systems ensure that the robot cannot be captured, analyzed, and reprogrammed. Installing a robot self-destruct system requires a Demolitions check (DC 20) instead of a Craft (mechanical) check; if the Demolitions check fails by 10 or more, the system detonates, destroying the robot and possibly harming others nearby.

The default self-destruct system is rigged to detonate when the robot is reduced to 0 hit points. With a second Demolitions check (DC 30), the system can be modified to detonate when the robot has a higher number of hit points remaining (5 hit points, for example).

The self-destruct system obliterates the robot regardless of how many hit points it has left. A robot destroyed by its own self-destruct system has no salvageable parts.

The robotís self-destruction triggers an explosion of shrapnel that deals collateral slashing damage to creatures in squares adjacent to the robot. A successful Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 the robotís HD) reduces the damage by half. Table: Robot Self-Destruct Systems shows the amount of collateral damage (and the systemís purchase DC) based on the robotís size.

Purchase DC: See Table: Robot Self-Destruct Systems.

Restriction: Military (+3).

Table: Robot Self-Destruct Systems
Robot SizeCollateral DamagePurchase DC
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