Weapon Mount (PL 5)

Robots that lack the proper manipulators to grasp weapons are suitable candidates for weapon mounts. Any Diminutive or larger robot with an armature, biomorph, biodroid, or bioreplica frame can be equipped with them. Liquid-state robots, due to their amorphous nature, cannot have weapon mounts.

A weapon mount can be attached to almost any part of a robotís frame. The attached weapon can be one size category larger than the robotís size category; for example, a Medium-size robot can have a Large or smaller mounted weapon.

Any weapon can be mounted on the weapon mount. However, a robot-mounted weapon cannot be used as a hand-held weapon, or vice versa.

A robotís size determines the maximum number of weapon mounts it can have and the cost of each weapon mount, as shown in Table: Robot Weapon Mounts.

A weapon mount has compartments for storing ammunition. However, the purchase DC of the weapon mount does not include either the weapon or the ammunition.

Purchase DC: See Table: Robot Weapon Mounts, below.

Restriction: None.

Table: Robot Weapon Mounts
Robotís Frame SizeMaximum Weapon MountsPurchase DC
Diminutive or Tiny14
Small or Medium-size26
Screen printing