Robot Frames

A robotís frame is the basic form the robot takes, from a simple barebones armature to a convincingly lifelike replica or metallic liquid. It includes both the robotís chassis and its internal power source. The frame determines a robotís base statistics and base purchase DC, as shown on the tables below.

Frame Size: The size of the frame, which determines the robotís base purchase DC, base Hit Dice, and ability scores.

Base Purchase DC: The purchase DC of the frame (or its components). The base purchase DC does not include the cost of accessories (modes of locomotion, manipulators, armor, sensors, or equipment) or increased Hit Dice.

Base Hit Dice: The robotís Hit Dice, not counting any additional Hit Dice that may be added (see below).

Extra Hit Points: Additional hit points gained due to the robotís size.

Base Ability Scores: The robotís ability scores, before improvements. Robots that do not have Constitution or Intelligence scores cannot improve these abilities.

Maximum Hit Dice/Purchase DC Modifier: The maximum Hit Dice the robot can have, and the amount by which the robotís purchase DC increases for each Hit Die added to its base Hit Dice. A dash (ó) indicates that the robot cannot have its Hit Dice increased.

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