Biodroid (PL 6)

Biodroids are a step up from biomorphs, in that they can be mistaken, under certain conditions, for what they are made to resemble. However, reasonably close inspection reveals the presence of robotic parts and the lack of biological parts. Purchasing a factory-model biodroid requires a license. To build a biodroid frame from scratch, a character must succeed at two skill checks—a Craft (mechanical) check (DC 30) and a Craft (electronic) check (DC 30). These checks are made after investing time in the frame’s construction: 48 hours for a Large or smaller frame or 72 hours for a Huge or larger frame. A character without a mechanical tool kit or electrical tool kit takes a –4 penalty on the skill check (–8 if the character has neither). The character must also make a Wealth check against the frame’s purchase DC.

Table: Biodroid Robot Frames provides the base purchase DC, Hit Dice, and ability scores for factory-model biodroid robots, as well as purchase DC modifiers for improving ability scores.

Critical Systems: Although they are constructs, biodroids have vital areas and critical systems. Consequently, they are subject to critical hits.

Lifelike Appearance: Distinguishing a biodroid from members of its emulated species requires a successful Spot check (DC 10). A biodroid can use the Disguise skill to increase the Spot check DC.

Restriction: Licensed (+1).

Table: Biodroid Robot Frames (PL 6)
——— Base Ability Scores ———
Robot SizeBase Purchase DCBase Hit DiceExtra Hit PointsStrDexConIntWisChaMaximum Hit Dice/Purchase DC Modifier
Colossal4832d10120447—1010545d10/+4 per HD
Gargantuan4016d1080367—1010531d10/+3 per HD
Huge328d1040287—1010515d10/+2 per HD
Large282d1020209—101057d10/+1 per HD
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