Biomorph (PL 5)

A biomorph frame is essentially a hard plastic or metallic casing, often in a shape that suggests a living creature—for example, a human, dog, cat, or chimpanzee—though the resemblance is vague, at best.

To build a biomorph frame from scratch, a character must succeed at a Craft (mechanical) check (DC 25) after investing time in the frame’s construction: 24 hours for Large or smaller frame or 72 hours for a Huge or larger frame. A character without a mechanical tool kit takes a –4 penalty on the skill check. The character must also make a Wealth check against the frame’s purchase DC.

Table: Biomorph Robot Frames provides the base purchase DC, Hit Dice, and ability scores for factory-model biomorph robots, as well as purchase DC modifiers for improving ability scores.

Immunities: Robots with biomorph frames have all the normal construct immunities, including immunity to critical hits. Restriction: None.

Table: Biomorph Robot Frames (Pl 5)
——— Base Ability Scores ———
Robot SizeBase Purchase DCBase Hit DiceExtra Hit PointsStrDexConIntWisChaMaximum Hit Dice/Purchase DC Modifier
Colossal4832d1012046610164d10/+3 per HD
Gargantuan4016d108038610131d10/+3 per HD
Huge328d104030610115d10/+2 per HD
Large282d10202281017d10/+1 per HD
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