Bioreplica (PL 7)

A step up from biodroids, bioreplicas are robots so convincingly lifelike that they are virtually indistinguishable from their living counterparts. The bioreplica’s components are made up of lightweight plastics in a synthetic sheath that looks and feels like real flesh and skin. Bioreplicants are restricted, and in some areas, buying or owning one is illegal.

To build a bioreplica frame from scratch, a character must succeed at two skill checks—a Craft (mechanical) check (DC 30) and a Craft (electronic) check (DC 30). These checks are made after investing time in the frame’s construction: 48 hours for a Large or smaller frame or 72 hours for a Huge or larger frame. A character without a mechanical tool kit or electrical tool kit takes a –4 penalty on the skill check (–8 if the character has neither). The character must also make a Wealth check against the frame’s purchase DC.

Table: Bioreplica Robot Frames provides the base purchase DC, Hit Dice, and ability scores for factory-model bioreplica robots, as well as purchase DC modifiers for improving ability scores.

Critical Systems: Although they are constructs, bioreplicas have vital areas and critical systems. Consequently, they are subject to critical hits.

Lifelike Appearance: Distinguishing a bioreplica from members of its emulated species requires a successful Spot check (DC 20). A bioreplica can use the Disguise skill to increase the Spot check DC.

Restriction: Restricted (+2) or Illegal (+4).

Table: Bioreplica Robot Frames (PL 7)
——— Base Ability Scores ———
Robot SizeBase Purchase DCBase Hit DiceExtra Hit PointsStrDexConIntWisChaMaximum Hit Dice/Purchase DC Modifier
Colossal5232d1012044710101045d10/+4 per HD
Gargantuan4416d108036710101031d10/+3 per HD
Huge368d104028710101015d10/+2 per HD
Large322d10202091010107d10/+1 per HD
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