Liquid-State (PL 8)

The liquid-state robot is a mass of metal alloy resembling liquid mercury. It contains a molecular network of subprocessors that interpret the central processor’s instructions to form a nearly endless variety of shapes. The liquid metal can emulate radically different densities within the same form, meaning that the robot can feel like flesh on the outside, but be as solid as stone on the inside.

Being able to assume different forms does not allow the robot to duplicate appearances or abilities; a liquid-state robot cannot change its color any more than it can breathe fire. For example, if it assumes the shape of a human, the robot would appear to be a human made of metal. Furthermore, a liquid-state robot is limited to the quality of its own components. A liquid-state robot equipped with a rotor for locomotion cannot simply change shape and acquire a pair of legs, for example; any change must be of the same Progress Level or lower. A liquid-state robot can, however, reattach separated components.

To build a liquid-state “frame” from scratch, a character must succeed at two skill checks—a Craft (mechanical) check (DC 30) and a Craft (electronic) check (DC 30). These checks are made after investing 96 hours the frame’s construction. A character without a mechanical tool kit or electrical tool kit takes a –4 penalty on the skill check (–8 if the character has neither). The character must also make a Wealth check against the frame’s purchase DC.

Table: Liquid-State Robot Frames provides the base purchase DC, Hit Dice, and ability scores for factory-model liquid-state robots, as well as purchase DC modifiers for improving ability scores.

Natural Armor: A liquid-state robot gains a +5 natural armor bonus to Defense.

Attacks: A liquid-state robot, regardless of its form, has two appendages (treat as natural weapons) with which it can attack each round. It can shape these appendages into various crude weapons as a free action; depending on their shape, one or both weapons can deal bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage. The robot’s size determines the amount of damage these appendages deal: Fine 1, Diminutive 1d2 , Tiny 1d3, Small 1d4, Medium-size 1d6, Large 1d8, Huge 2d6, Gargantuan 2d8, Colossal 4d6.

Amorphous Form (Ex): Because a liquid-state robot can alter its shape and density, it gains a +10 bonus on Escape Artist checks.

Fast Healing (Ex): A liquid-state robot has fast healing 10. This ability ceases to function when the robot is destroyed (reduced to 0 or fewer hit points).

Fire Vulnerability: A liquid-state robot takes 50% more damage from any fire-based attack.

Immunities: Robots with liquid-state frames have all the normal construct immunities, including immunity to critical hits.

Restriction: Military (+3).

Table: Liquid-State Robot Frames (PL 8)
——— Base Ability Scores ———
Robot SizeBase Purchase DCBase Hit DiceExtra Hit PointsStrDexConIntWisChaMaximum Hit Dice/Purchase DC Modifier
Colossal5632d1012045810111040d10/+3 per HD
Gargantuan4816d108037810111032d10/+3 per HD
Huge408d104029810111024d10/+2 per HD
Large364d1020231010111016d10/+2 per HD
Medium-size322d101013121011108d10/+1 per HD
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