Skill Net (PL 7)

A skill net consists of a series of interlocking programs that allow the robot to acquire ranks in multiple skills. The number of ranks in any given skill cannot exceed the programmer’s ranks in the skill being emulated. A factory-built skill net typically holds 4, 8, or 12 ranks in as many as four different skills. A robot can have multiple skill nets. Skill nets allow a robot to benefit from skill synergy.

A skill net can be reprogrammed one skill at a time. Replacing one skill with another or increasing the number of ranks of an already existing skill requires 1 hour of work and a successful Computer Use check (DC 20 + number of skill ranks emulated by the software).

Purchase DC: 18 (four skills at 4 ranks each), 21 (four skills at 8 ranks each), or 23 (four skills at 12 ranks each).

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