Internal Nanocolonies

Internal nanocolonies operate within a living host. These nanocolonies interact fluidly with the body’s natural biological functions and blend seamlessly with the other cells in the body. Most internal nanocolonies are coated with the same chemical compounds that coat the outer portion of blood or skin cells (depending on the nanocolony’s function) so that the body they inhabit sees each nanite as just another natural system at work.

After injection into a creature or character, it takes 10 minutes for the nanites to spread to their desired positions in the body. Once in place, the nanites are immediately functional and begin work as soon as they are given commands. Each host can typically only support two internal nanocolonies; more than that causes conflict between the nanites, since some might try and overtake others. Any nanocolony injected into the bloodstream after the second immediately attacks (and usually destroys) one of the colonies already in the character or creature’s body.

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