Nanohunters are nanoviruses with one specific purpose: to search and destroy other nanites. A nanohunter colony can be injected into a living creature to destroy some or all nanites already in the creature.

Each nanohunter colony combats a single type of nanocolony. For example, a nanohunter designed to eliminate gray death nanites seeks out and removes all traces of inactivated gray death in a creature’s system, but completely ignores all other nanites. Nanohunters are often the only means of removing a nanocolony from a creature or character and are highly sought-after in societies where nano-warfare is common.

In addition to nanohunters that destroy internal nanocolonies, some nanohunter colonies target ambient and independent nanocolonies. These nanocolonies function in the same way as their internal nanite-hunting counterparts, but must be released in the vicinity of the target nanites. These nanohunters are often used to eradicate dangerous nanites and are one of the few reliable means of disposing of overactive nanocolonies like gray goo.

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