Action Types

As in character combat, starships may make attack actions, full-round actions, move actions, and free actions. In a normal round, a starship can perform an attack action and two move actions (in any order), two move actions, or a single full-round action. It can also perform as many free actions as the GM allows. In some situations (such as in the surprise round), a starship may be limited to taking only a single attack or move action.

Attack Action

An attack action allows a starship to make an attack or perform other similar actions.

Move Action

A move action allows a starship to move its tactical speed or perform some other action that takes a similar amount of time.

If a starship moves no actual distance in a round, it can take one 500-foot shift before, during, or after the action. The ship cannot take a 500-foot shift if it used one or both of its move actions to move.

Full-Round Action

A full-round action consumes all of a starship’s time during a round. The only movement it can take during a full-round action is a 500-foot shift before, during, or after the action. Some full-round actions do not allow you to take a 500-foot shift. A starship can also perform free actions (see below).

Free Action

Free actions consume a very small amount of time and effort, and over the span of the round, their impact is so minor that they are considered free. However, the GM puts reasonable limits on what a ship can really do for free.

Table: Starship Actions
Attack ActionsAttack of Opportunity?2
Aid anotherNo
Attack (ranged)No
Attack an objectNo
Escape a grappling shipNo
Feint (see Bluff skill)No
Grapple another ship1Yes
Total defenseNo
Move ActionsAttack of Opportunity?2
Damage controlNo
Move at tactical speedNo
Operate sensorsNo
Sending/jamming a transmissionNo
Start/complete a full-round actionVaries
Full-Round ActionsAttack of Opportunity?2
Jump to cruising speedYes
Surge forwardYes
Free ActionsAttack of Opportunity?2
Communicate via comm systemNo
Special InitiativeActions Attack of Opportunity?2
No ActionAttack of Opportunity?2
500-foot shiftNo
Avoid hazardNo
1 Technically, a grapple constitutes a single melee attack, not an action. A grapple can be made once in an attack action or as an attack of opportunity.
2 Only starships armed with point-defense systems can make attacks of opportunity.
3 Ramming is considered part of a move action.
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