Avoiding Hazards

A hazard is any unmanned obstacle of Large size or bigger that a starship might hit, either because the starship has entered the hazard’s square or because the hazard has entered the starship’s fighting space. Sample hazards include asteroids, clouds of space debris, and electromagnetic storms (which deal electricity damage). When a starship enters a square occupied by a hazard, or vice versa, the pilot of the starship must make a Pilot check. (Making this check does not count as an action.) The DC of the check depends on the size of the obstacle, as shown in Table: Avoid Hazard DCs. If the Pilot check succeeds, the starship avoids the hazard. If the check fails, a collision occurs (use Table: Collision Damage to determine collision damage to both the starship and the hazard). A new check must be made each round the starship and the hazard occupy the same square.

Table: Avoid Hazard DCs
Hazard SizePilot Check DC
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