Hit Points

A starship’s hit points represent how much punishment it can take before being disabled or destroyed. A starship’s hit points are based on its type and subtype.

A ship’s hit points decrease when it takes damage. Damage doesn’t have any impact on a ship’s combat ability until its current hit points reach 0 or lower.

At 0 hit points, a ship is disabled.

At negative hit points, a ship begins breaking apart.

When its hit points drop to a certain negative hit point total, the ship is destroyed. The point at which a ship is destroyed varies depending on its type, as shown in Table: Destruction Threshold.

Table: Destruction Threshold
Ship TypeDestroyed At
Ultralight–20 hp
Light–40 hp
Mediumweight–60 hp
Heavy–80 hp
Superheavy–100 hp

Disabled (0 Hit Points)

When a starship’s current hit points drop to exactly 0, it’s disabled. The ship can only take a single move or attack action each turn (not both); it cannot jump to cruising speed or take any other full-round actions. If it attacks, attempts to escape at cruising speed, or performs any other action that would strain its systems, it takes 1 point of damage after the completing the act. Unless the activity increases the starship’s current hit points, it drops to –1 hit point and begins breaking apart (see Breaking Apart, below).

A disabled starship is considered helpless. It has a Defense of 5 + its size modifier.

Repairs that raise a starship above 0 hit points make it fully functional again, just as if it had never been reduced to 0 or lower.

Breaking Apart (Negative Hit Points)

When a starship’s current hit points drop below 0, the starship begins to break apart. At this point, the ship is immobile, helpless, and beyond repair. Any attempt to repair it automatically fails. As a ship breaks apart, its crew can evacuate (see Starship Evacuation, below).

A ship that is breaking apart can take no actions and loses 1 hit point every round. This continues until the ship is destroyed.


When a starship’s current hit points reaches its destruction threshold (as shown above), it explodes. Any crewmembers still aboard the ship at this time take 20d6 points of damage (no save) and are jettisoned into the void of space.

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