Starship Condition Summary

A number of adverse conditions can affect the way a starship or its crew operates, as defined here. If more than one condition affects a starship, apply both if possible. If not possible, apply only the most severe condition.

Blinded: The starshipís sensors are inoperable. All targets have the equivalent of total concealment (50% miss chance).

Breaking Apart: The starship is at negative hit points. It can take no actions, cannot be repaired, and loses 1 hit point each round until it is destroyed.

Dazed: The starship, its crew, and its passengers can take no actions, but they take no penalty to Defense. A dazed condition usually lasts 1 round.

Destroyed: The ship is destroyed and cannot be repaired. Crewmembers aboard the destroyed ship take 20d6 points of damage and are ejected into space.

Entangled: An entangled starship takes a Ė2 penalty on attack rolls in addition to a Ė2 penalty to Defense. If the ship is physically anchored to a larger object (such as an asteroid), the entangled ship canít move. Otherwise, it can move at half tactical speed, but canít surge forward.

Flat-Footed: A starship that has not yet acted during a combat is flat-footed. A flat-footed starship cannot apply its pilotís Dexterity bonus to its Defense.

Grappled: When grappled, a starship canít move. It can attack, attempt to break free from its opponent, or perform other actions. It canít apply the pilotís Dexterity bonus to its Defense.

Helpless: A starship that is reduced to negative hit points is helpless. A helpless starship has an effective Defense of 5 + its size modifier.

Immobilized: An immobilized starship is held immobile (but is not helpless), usually in a grapple. It takes a Ė4 penalty to its Defense and canít apply the pilotís Dexterity bonus to its Defense.

Shaken: All passengers and crewmembers (pilots and gunners included) take a Ė2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks.

Stunned: All passengers and crewmembers lose their Dexterity bonus, drop what they are holding, and can take no attack or move actions. In addition, they take a Ė2 penalty to Defense. The starshipís autopilot system kicks in until the pilot regains her senses.

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