Starship Evacuation

Most ultralight starships are equipped with evacuation pods or fully enclosed, detachable cockpits that jettison the crew to safety in the event of a shipwide catastrophe. In fact, unless noted otherwise, every starship has sufficient evacuation pods or launches to accommodate its normal crew complement and passenger manifest.

A ship’s crew and passengers can evacuate any time before the ship is destroyed (see above). Table: Evacuation Times shows the time required for crews to evacuate, based on the ship’s type. While the crew is evacuating, the starship either flies on autopilot (if it has 1 hp or more remaining) or is stopped dead in space (if it has been disabled or is breaking apart).

Use the statistics for a launch (see below) to represent a typical evacuation pod.

Table: Evacuation Times
Ship TypeUntrained Crew Evacuation TimeTrained Crew Evacuation Time1
Ultralight1d3 roundsMove action
Light1d6 roundsFull-round action
Mediumweight2d6 rounds1d4 rounds
Heavy3d6 rounds2d4 rounds
Superheavy4d6 rounds3d4 rounds
1 Includes expert and ace crews.
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