Move Actions

Unless otherwise noted, move actions don’t require a Pilot check to perform.

Move at Tactical Speed

A starship can move its tactical speed as a move action. If it takes this kind of move action during its turn, it cannot also take a 500- foot shift.

Attacks of Opportunity: Moving through a threatened square provokes an attack of opportunity if the enemy ship has a point defense system (see Starship Defense Systems).

Damage Control

A starship equipped with a damage control system can perform damage control as a move action (see Starship Defense Systems).

Damage control cannot be performed if the ship has been reduced to negative hit points.

Operate Sensors

See the expanded Computer Use skill description and Starship Sensors for details.


Ramming is considered part of a move action. A pilot can use her starship to ram an object, including another starship. First, the pilot must enter the target’s square or fighting space and declare her attempt to ram the target. If the target has point-defense systems, it can make an attack of opportunity against the ramming starship. Second, the pilot must make a Pilot check (DC = 5 + the target’s Defense). If the Pilot check fails, the ship misses the target and may finish its move. If the check succeeds, the starship collides with the intended target, dealing damage both to itself and the target (reduced by hardness, if applicable).

A pilot cannot ram the same ship or object more than once during a given round. However, a pilot that fails to ram a target may attempt to ram a different target if her starship has sufficient movement left to reach the new target.

Table: Collision Damage shows the amount of damage dealt to both colliding forces, based on the size of the smaller of the two colliding objects.

Table: Collision Damage
Size of Smaller Ship or ObjectCollision Damage1
Medium-size or smaller
1Damage is applied to the ramming starship and its target.

Sending/Jamming a Transmission

See the expanded Computer Use skill description for details.

Start/Complete Full-Round Action

The “start/complete full-round action” move action lets a starship begin undertaking a full-round action (such as those listed on Table: Starship Actions) at the end of its turn, or complete a full-round action by using a move action at the beginning of its turn in the round following the round when it started the full-round action. If a starship starts a full-round action at the end of its turn, the next action it takes must be to complete the full-round action—it can’t take another type of action before finishing what it started.

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