Moving Through Occupied Squares

A starship can pass through a square occupied by another starship or object.

Ally or Nonopposing Starship: You can safely move through a square occupied by an ally or nonopposing starship.

Enemy Starship: Moving through a square occupied by an enemy provokes an attack of opportunity if the enemy has a point-defense system (see Starship Defense Systems). You can move safely through a square occupied by an enemy that doesn’t resist—such as one that is disabled—as if the enemy was nonopposing.

Hazard: Safely moving through a square occupied by a hazard—such as a cloud of space debris or an asteroid— requires a successful Pilot check (see Avoiding Hazards).


If two allied starships are on opposite sides of an enemy and each within 1,000 feet (2 squares) of that opponent, they can catch the enemy ship in their crossfire. Because the enemy is forced to defend itself on two fronts, the allied starships gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls made against the ship caught in their crossfire. The enemy ship must be directly between the two allied ships, however.

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