Starship Actions

The fundamental actions of moving and attacking cover most of what a starship wants to do in a battle. They’re described here. Other, more specialized options are touched on in Table: Starship Actions, and covered later in Special Initiative Actions.

A starship gets two move actions and one attack action each round. It can take two move actions followed by an attack action, an attack action followed by two move actions, or an attack action sandwiched between two move actions. A ship may choose to not take an attack action on its turn, but it gets only two move actions regardless. It can also forgo all of the above combinations and take a single full-round action. All of these options are discussed below, under Action Types.

A starship’s choices of actions can be summarized as follows.
Attack action > move action > move action, or
Move action > attack action > move action, or
Move action > move action > attack action, or
Full-round action

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