Grapplers (PL 5)

Grapplers consist of two or more robotic arms fitted with magnetic grips or pads capable of latching onto a single target, usually another ship. Grapplers can also be used to grab Small or larger objects adrift in space.

Using grapplers against another ship or an unattended object is an attack action. Against another ship, this action provokes an attack of opportunity if the ship being grabbed has a point-defense system. To successfully grab the target, the starship must first enter the targetís square; then the starshipís pilot must succeed at a Pilot check. The Pilot checkís DC depends on the size and Defense of the target being grabbed, as shown on Table: Grappler Pilot Check DCs below. If the check succeeds, the starship successfully latches onto the target, and the two ships continue to occupy the same space until the grapplers release their hold. The grappling ship cannot move as long as it wishes to remain latched and moves in concert with the grappled ship. Neither ship can attack the other as long as the grapplers maintain their hold.

As an attack action, a grabbed starship can free itself from a grabbing ship by succeeding at an opposed Pilot check. Each ship adds a special grapple bonus on its check based on its size: Huge +8, Gargantuan +12, Colossal +16. A ship may only attempt to free itself once per round.

A starship using grapplers to latch onto another ship can release the hold and retract the grapplers as a free action.

Purchase DC: 10 + one-half the base purchase DC of the starship.

Restriction: None.

Table: Grappler Pilot Check DCs
Size of TargetPilot Check DC
Colossal5 + targetís Defense
Gargantuan10 + targetís Defense
Huge15 + targetís Defense
Large20 + targetís Defense
Medium-size25 + targetís Defense
Small30 + targetís Defense
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