Cloaking Screen (PL 8)

An improvement of the PL 7 stealth screen, the cloaking screen warps light and energy around the ship’s hull, rendering the ship invisible to visual and electronic sensors.

A cloaked ship has total concealment. To attack a cloaked ship, an attacker must guess in which square the ship currently is (or determine its position based on where it attacked last), and even if the guess is accurate, there is a 50% chance that the attack misses.

Additionally, a deployed mine cannot detect a cloaked ship and does not detonate when the ship enters or leaves its burst area. The ship’s pilot must make a Pilot check (DC 5, +5 per additional mine) to avoid a collision with the mine if the starship enters the mine’s square; on a failed check, the mine detonates.

A cloaking screen cannot be used in conjunction with chaff, since the chaff cloud would give away the ship’s position. It also cannot operate simultaneously with any sort of field (including magnetic fields and particle fields), as the field gives away the ship’s position.

A mine can be equipped with a cloaking screen.

Purchase DC: 15 + one-half the base purchase DC of the starship or mine.

Restriction: Military (+3).

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