Decoy Drone Launcher (PL 6)

A decoy drone is a small, self-guided missile that mimics the electromagnetic and infrared signatures of the ship that launched it.

Deploying a decoy drone is an attack action, and the drone occupies the same fighting space as the ship it imitates.

The decoy drone negates the equipment bonus on attack rolls granted by an enemy ship’s targeting system. Launching multiple decoy drones grants no cumulative effect.

A deployed and intact decoy drone can be recovered or captured with a successful grapple. It can also be targeted and destroyed. A decoy drone has a Defense of 12 and 10 hit points, and it rolls 1d20+4 on opposed grapple checks.

Purchase DC: 28 for drone launcher and one drone, 25 for each additional drone.

Restriction: Restricted (+2).

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