Point-Defense System (PL 6)

A point-defense system serves two functions: It targets all incoming missiles, and it allows a starship to make attacks of opportunity against enemy ships passing through its threatened area. The point-defense system consists of batteries of automated weapons programmed to fire when either of these two conditions is met.

A point-defense system does not fire upon mines, cannot be controlled manually by the crew, and cannot be used to make normal attacks.

Destroy Missiles: A point-defense system has a 20% chance of destroying any incoming missile. A destroyed missile deals no damage to the ship.

Make Attacks of Opportunity: A starship equipped with a point-defense system threatens the space it occupies as well as all adjacent 500-foot squares. When making an attack of opportunity, the point-defense system rolls 1d20 and adds the ship’s targeting system bonus on the roll. If the result equals or exceeds the enemy ship’s Defense, the point-defense weapons deal ballistic damage based on the ship’s type, as shown in Table: Point-Defense Systems. Point-defense systems cannot score critical hits.

Purchase DC: Varies by starship type (see Table: Point-Defense Systems).

Restriction: Licensed (+1).

Table: Point-Defense Systems
Starship TypePoint-Defense DamagePurchase DC
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