Self-Destruct System (PL 6)

A self-destruct system ensures that a starship cannot be captured, dissected for information, or used against its builders. Installing a starship self-destruct system requires a Demolitions check (DC 30) instead of a Craft check and takes an amounts of time as determined by the ship’s type: ultralight 1 hour, light 10 hours, mediumweight 30 hours, heavy 60 hours, superheavy 120 hours. If the Demolitions check fails by 10 or more, the system detonates, destroying the ship and possibly harming others nearby.

A self-destruct system can be programmed to activate only under specified conditions—usually the voice authorization of the ship’s commander, and usually only after the crew has had sufficient time to evacuate (see Starship Evacuation).

The self-destruct system obliterates the starship (killing all aboard) regardless of how many hit points it has remaining. A starship destroyed by its own self-destruct system has no salvageable parts.

The starship’s self-destruction triggers an explosion of shrapnel that deals collateral slashing damage to all other ships in its fighting space; mediumweight, heavy, and superheavy ships also deal collateral damage to ships in adjacent squares. A successful Pilot check (DC 15) reduces the damage by half. Table: Starship Self-Destruct Systems shows the amount of collateral damage (and the system’s purchase DC) based on the starship’s type.

Purchase DC: Varies by starship type (see Table: Starship Self-Destruct Systems).

Restriction: Restricted (+2).

Table: Starship Self-Destruct Systems
Starship TypeCollateral DamagePurchase DC
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