Stealth Screen (PL 6)

An improved version of the sensor jammer (see above), the stealth screen is a sophisticated electromagnetic transceiver capable of detecting incoming electromagnetic energy from radars, ladars, and other sensor devices. When it detects such energy, it responds by generating an electromagnetic interference pattern. In addition, it monitors the ship’s own EM emissions and cloaks them in a similar manner. Finally, the stealth shield masks the ship’s mass signature. Sensor checks made against a ship with an active stealth screen take a –10 penalty.

Additionally, a deployed mine has a 50% chance of not detecting the screened ship as it enters or leaves its detonation area.

Finally, a starship with an active stealth screen gains one-half concealment against all attacks (20% miss chance).

A mine can be equipped with a stealth screen.

Purchase DC: 10 + one-half the base purchase DC of the starship or mine.

Restriction: Military (+3).

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