Fusion Torch (PL 6)

This engine consists of a fusion reactor with one wall of the magnetic bottle missing, directing the thrust in the form of super-heated plasma. The fusion torch is intended for space-only applications; its exhaust stream would melt anything it landed on and incinerate everything within a few hundred yards of ground zero; it also expels a tremendous amount of radiation. Many ships fitted with fusion torch rockets use thrusters for atmospheric travel. Otherwise, they must remain permanently in space, relying on shuttlecraft to reach a planet’s surface. The fusion torch uses hydrogen for fuel.

A ship using a fusion torch as its primary source of propulsion must refuel after every three battles or interplanetary trips. Fusion torch fuel has a purchase DC of 23.

Minimum Ship Size: Gargantuan.

Tactical Speed Bonus: +500 feet (+1 square).

Purchase DC: 10 + one-half the base purchase DC of the starship.

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